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Welcome to the online shop demo site! This version is based on two powerful tools for building websites - CMS TYPO3 and the Aimeos online store. This solution is professional, reliable, highly secure and flexible, allowing you to build websites and online stores of any complexity. Such site can satisfy your needs at any stage of business development, from a small store to a supermarket with thousands of different goods stored in numerous warehouses. Below you can see some of the features of the system components. Or go straight to the store to try it practically in the work.You can receive access to the shop/site control panel on request.


Only from August 1, 2013 and until September 1, 2013, and only until the completion of the receipt of the required number of orders is a summer discount. We reduce the cost of the basic configuration of the online store by 25%, while leaving all the available functionality. Thus, the cost will be 45 000 rubles or 15 000 CZK or 590 euros. With additional requirements, the cost can be increased, negotiated individually.

Key Features

  • Industrial level CMS with open source code.
  • Distributed free of charge, the investment will be needed only to customizing the system according to your preferences.
  • The closest attention is paid to security issues. There is ongoing work to identify and eliminate possible vulnerabilities in the kernel and extensions.
  • Supports all the latest standards for web development.
  • Compatible with mobile devices and allows you to create so-called "responsive" sites, which are designed for flexible scaling on different devices.
  • Multilanguage. A website based on TYPO3 can be published and operated in any language of the world. Moreover, currently more than 50 localizations are available for the TYPO3 user interface, additional translations can be added by the user at any time.
  • Scalability. Regardless of the size of your company or the complexity of the sites being developed, TYPO3 can be flexibly extended and customized to meet your needs, using APIs and extensive documentation of the built-in system functions.
  • Flexible setting of access rights for editors. TYPO3 allows you to set permissions for individual users, user groups, the entire site, individual pages, subdomains, or even for extensions and specific content items. This provides unprecedented control over who can view, edit and add content anywhere in your site.
  • Advanced functions for editors. TYPO3 supports you or your editors in creating content through a genuine "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" and integrated image processing system with the ability to automate. Other functions, such as "copy and paste," automatic generation of thumbnails and a wide selection of content and media elements, are available when working with TYPO3.
  • Versioning, workspaces. When using workflows, internal processes can be integrated with content management, allowing editors to view the work of others before publishing. The version control service saves every change to the contents of TYPO3, provides a smooth history and the ability to return to previous versions by clicking the button. When using workspaces, even large structural changes, such as navigation or complex layout changes, are performed on the fly.

    Key features:

    • High-performance system for building online stores
    • Free open source software
    • Optimized for any device, including smartphones and tablets
    • Unlimited number of stores per installation
    • Extreme flexibility
    • Safe and proven implementation
    • Optimized usability based on thorough testing


    • Full optimization for search engines
    • Product data is available for reading by Google
    • Deep links to all products and categories
    • Readable URLs, including product and category names
    • Custom and translated URL segments for products and categories
    • Product and category names as part of the HTML header
    • Custom HTML meta tags for categories and products

    Categories and goods

    • Unlimited number of products and categories
    • Unlimited category tree depth
    • Customizable settings for each category
    • Multiple texts, images and attributes for each category
    • Products and categories can be temporarily disabled
    • Unlimited number of text descriptions for products
    • Unlimited number of attributes and attribute types
    • Unlimited photos
    • Image scaling and slider
    • Information about the supplier

    Integration with social networks

    • Facebook
    • Google Plus
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • Others, using additional settings